Investment in companies

For start-up companies and also for companies in the growth and restructuring phases, it is important to acquire the necessary equity and borrowed capital.

Forway Consulting supports these companies and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways:

Implementation of projects to optimise the finance management
Implementation of projects in growth and restructuring phases without charging the fees usual for this
Supply of equity and borrowed capital

I will not sell the future for a moments profit.

Werner von Siemens

Finance management

We help companies in the optimisation of their financial structure and their cash flow management. In the process, we help in the following topics and projects:

  • Development of business plans
  • Installation of a competent external and internal reporting system
  • Analysis, assessment and improvement of the existing financing structure
  • Optimisation of the cash flow management

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

From Africa

Projects for start-up companies

We are confident in the success of our clients and our projects, which is why we offer companies the opportunity to remunerate our consulting services based on our performance.

In addition, we give start-up companies the option of remunerating our services by transferring shares in the company. We thus enable these companies to strengthen their equity. With this type of remuneration for consulting services provided, we also underline our goal of reaching a long-term, cooperative partnership with our clients.

The present rewards the industrious. The future rewards the patient.

From Lombardy

Supply of equity with start-up companies

In selected cases, we also contribute a considerable amount of our own capital to companies, in forms such as capital increases, shareholder loans or silent partner’s interests. In the process, we see ourselves as business angels and would like to facilitate market entry for highly promising start-up companies, or even make it possible in the first place.