We have many years of experience in the consulting and management of successful companies and diverse investment projects. We are therefore familiar with the specific situation of start-up companies, can understand the special feature of small and medium-sized companies and many owner-managed companies and also have expertise in the consulting of international corporations.

One of our great strengths is that we are able to familiarise ourselves quickly with new issues because we are always able to identify connecting points thanks to our diverse experience in projects. We differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors in that the concepts we develop are never stock-standard solutions. We instead always develop company and situation-specific solutions due to the diversity of the challenges we are presented with.

Everyone can do as much as he does.

From Germany


We do not have a one-dimensional industry focus; instead we see great benefit in contributing our expertise from various sectors to our consulting projects. Nevertheless, there are of course sectors in which we have excellent industry know-how as we have implemented a high number of projects in these areas.

We have pronounced sector expertise in the following sectors in particular:

Consumer goods
Service and education

A prince who is not wise himself cannot be well advised by others.

Niccoló Machiavelli