Overview of consulting topics

HR Management

You have to arrange it so that the goal comes to you.

Theodor Fontane


A clear and consistently implemented strategy is the basis of entrepreneurial success. The project managers, interim managers and corporate coaches from Forway Consulting develop successful company concepts and implement them within companies.

We develop strategies and corporate concepts using competitor comparisons, SWOT analyses, core competence analyses or by using the balanced scorecard. The projects regularly carried out by us include the following:

  • Development of corporate mission statements and visions
  • Conceptual planning and implementation of strategies for growth and expansion
  • Identification and development of new business fields
  • Development of internationalisation strategies
  • Company acquisitions from the search and appraisal of suitable candidates
  • Post-merger integrations
  • Development of consistent divisional strategies, e.g. for sales, marketing, HR
  • Creation of business plans
  • Development of a meaningful reporting and controlling system
  • Benchmarking

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The answers to our problems come from the future and not from yesterday.

Frederic Vester


Profitable growth requires the continual improvement of internal processes and organisational structures in order to be faster, more efficient and more cost-effective than the competition. In the process, company divisions often have to be integrated or branched off. On this way, Forway Consulting guides its clients in a large number of matters:

Company Organisation

  • Conceptual planning and implementation of measures to adjust the personnel capacities as well as guidance in the necessary negotiations with the works council, unions, etc.
  • Spin-off, sale, outsourcing and closure of company divisions and negotiation of corresponding redundancy programmes and balancing of interests
  • Integration of acquired companies or company divisions into existing structures and processes
  • Development of modern organisational structures, e.g. through the introduction of team and group work
  • Development of sales active customer care centres / indoor sales teams

Rapid Processes with Effective Working Methods

  • Definition and introduction of prompt and efficient business processes
  • Development of a long-term effective process management
  • Development of intelligent working methods
  • Description of system requirements
  • Selection and accompanying introduction of modern DP systems

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Change is necessary like the new leaves each spring.

Vincent van Gogh

HR Management

Employees with excellent knowledge and high motivation are an increasingly vital factor in a company’s success. Forway Consulting can help you to recognise your current and future personnel requirements and to recruit, motivate and develop corresponding persons. We support you with the:

  • Creation of job descriptions and requirement profiles for the target personnel search
  • Negotiation of redundancy programmes and balancing of interests
  • Introduction of systems for employee and management appraisal
  • Implementation of potential analyses to identify top performers
  • Search for, selection of and acquisition of top-class employees from top managers to assistants
  • Development and introduction of target and incentive systems and variable forms of remuneration
  • Establishment of consistent personnel development from job rotation and teamwork to training concepts
  • Increase in employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Introduction of flexible working time models

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Discontinuing your advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

Henry Ford


A consistent marketing is essential for the long-term success of a company. Forway Consulting supports you here both in strategic brand and product management as well as in the creation of marketing campaigns

Strategic brand and product management

  • Acquisition and preparation of relevant market data to support decision making
  • Development of marketing strategies and their successful implementation, from target group definition and pricing to the marketing plan
  • Conceptual planning of price and condition systems
  • Development of brands that generate sustainable value
  • Conceptual design, planning and introduction of successful new products and innovations
    • Determination of buyer requirements and motives
    • Development and qualification of product concepts
    • Marketing campaigns
  • Installation of a functioning product development process
  • Reduction of complexity through specific elimination of weak products
  • Assistance in the utilisation of innovations
  • Development of a professional marketing organisation

Marketing campaigns

  • Conceptual planning of marketing campaigns, including the necessary communication concepts, design of promotional materials, etc.
  • Creation of strategies for online campaigns and social media marketing
  • Development of successful marketing events
  • Accompanying public relations and sponsoring
  • Installation of a marketing control system to ensure effective marketing

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No customer ever buys a product. He always buys what the product does for him.

Peter F. Drucker


To exploit all the sales potential, a clear sales strategy, the use of modern sales promotion instruments and professional sales support are necessary. Forway Consulting supports you in the following aspects:

Sales strategy         

  • Systematic exploitation of untapped customer potential
    • Segmentation of customer groups
    • Assessments of existing and newly determined customers with regard to their potential
    • Identification and exploitation of international and regional potential
    • Activation of customers through direct marketing, online marketing etc.
    • Development and introduction of customer retention and loyalty programmes
  • Development of modern sales structures
    • Development of a key account management for important customer groups
    • Consideration between own field sales and external sales representatives
    • Professional customer support in in-house sales through development of customer teams with direct sales activities
  • Development of a professional complaints management system for long-term customer retention

Sales promotion

  • Conceptual planning and implementation of sales promotion activities
  • Development of a successful activity procedure that also regulates the interaction between key account management and regional field sales organisation
  • Control of the success of sales promotion measures

Sales support

  • Professional system support of sales through CRM systems
  • Development of sales planning and management systems e.g. for forecasts and field sales management
  • Acquisition of new customers and partners through direct approach by Forway Consulting

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